From children to grown-ups, “Gacha-gacha” are the collectables that everybody is avidly turning the knob in order to get!

2017-04-06   Souvenirs, Tokyo,

Gashapon / Dick Thomas Johnson

Many of the capsule toys found in Japan are very unique!

Japanese capsule toys are called “Gacha-gacha” or “Gachapon,” and they include many interesting items that not only children, but also adults, go crazy about collecting. From delicately detailed figures that one would not believe could come out for the price of one game (100 yen to 300 yen), to things that make you wonder in amazement why they were there in the first place.
About 20 years ago, a cartoon called “Kinnikuman” (Muscleman) became popular in Japan. There were erasers in the shaped of the character called “Kinkeshi,” and they became very popular as Gacha-gacha items. Though in recent years they have greatly decreased in number, small shops selling snacks and stationery for children called “dagashiya” (mom-and-pop candy stores) always had a Gacha-gacha machine that would lure children on their way back home from school. You may still find some Gacha-gacha machines from that time in shopping streets or small alley shops. Please look for this nostalgic scenery; the colors of the Gacha-gacha machine burnt by the sun and faded.
Now that those children who used to spend all their pocket money turning the knob of the Gacha-gacha machines until they got the character that they wanted have grown up, Gacha-gacha items that adults can enjoy too have become a boom.
These days, dozens of Gacha-gacha machines can be found lined up at large household appliances stores. The Gachapon Kaikan in Akihabara has 500 Gacha-gacha machines available for play, and is a popular spot among tourists. Practical or not, Japanese gacha-gacha toys, being small, adorable, and interesting, are perfect as souvenirs.
Among them, there are many unique things that you probably would not know the use of.



■Cup’s Fuchico
She clings to the rim of cups in various poses.
There are different types which will surely appeal to your collector’s spirit!

IMG_2622 / Kouki Kuriyama

ガチャガチャ / june2


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