Recommended for the hot summer! Become a master on Japan through Nagoya’s local specialties!

Hitsumabushi is grilled eel served over rice and one of the more popular dishes of Nagoya. The term ‘hitsu’ is the wooden container it’s served in and ‘mabushi refers to the act of mixing the eel in with the rice.
Hitsumabushi is eaten in a three-step process. First, 1/3rd of the dish is spooned out onto a plate and is enjoyed as is.
Secondly, another 1/3rd is taken and seasoned with condiments such as wasabi, herbs, green onions, and dried seaweed (nori).
The last portion is eaten with tea poured over it, often referred to as ‘ocha-zuke.’ Becoming very familiar with this particular type of dish will allow you to claim that you’re an expert in Japanese cuisine (Washoku).
Nagoya is home to many famous restaurants serving Hitsumabushi and we recommend that you try it.




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