【SUMMER】Scoop and slurp! Nagashi Somen.

Just scoop up and slurp down the noodles as they flow towards you on the slide!

2018-09-06   Ramen, Soba, etc..., Seasonal Activities,

Cool, refreshing noodles are perfect for the hot summer heat!


A while back I saw an interesting scene in a comic where the characters stood at either side of a long slide. They were picking something up and eating it. At that time, I had no idea what it was. When I came to Japan and witnessed the same scene with my own eyes, I immediately realized what they were eating. It was nagashi somen.


Nagashi somen is an event where water and somen noodles are poured down a long slope for everyone to scoop out and eat. Most of us picture noodles in hot soups or sauce but in Japan, especially in the summer, people wash udon, soba and somen noodles in ice-cold water and serve them in a cold broth. Nagashi somen is particularly refreshing because it looks cooled as it flows towards you in the icy water and it cools you down wonderfully as you eat it. Children in Japan love eating noodles this way. Novice chopstick users should practice and participate to challenge their chopstick skills. Even Japanese people find it difficult to catch hold of the somen noodles as it flows by on the slide.


【Shop Information 】
Period:From the end of June to the end of September, 2017
Business days: Saturday, Sunday and National holiday
Open:11:00am~4:30pm(L.O.4:00pm) *Reservation-only
Fee:Adult 1600yen, Child 900yen(without tax) *with tempura and chilled Tomato
URL:Funayado(Japanese text only)

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