If you can cook this, you’ll be very popular among Japanese men.

Niku-jaga, which literally means meat and potatoes, is a standard dish in Japan and the ingredients are so simple that it can be prepared very quickly.
First off, meat, potatoes, onions, carrots, and yam cake (konnyaku) are all sautéed in oil and then stewed in a sweetened soy sauce with sugar and sweet sake (Mirin). Finally, it is served with a bowl of rice and miso soup becoming a very nutritionally balanced meal and is enjoyed throughout Japan.
Niku-jaga is said to be #2 on the list of most requested meals by Japanese men, just behind Japanese style curry.
Japanese mothers often tell their daughters that, if they are unable to make niku-jaga, they probably will not get married.
Niku-jaga is part of home cooking cuisine but can also be found in Izakaya’s (Japanese taverns). How about giving it a try?



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