How about waking up early and joining a local radio exercise class to invigorate yourself?

The long summer break for school children begins in July or August and most students participate in the morning radio broadcasted exercise event during this time. Held at parks or vacant lots, this tradition dates back to 1930 and it used to promote better health among the people.

Officially called “The National Health Exercise,” its known by most Japanese as, “The Radio Exercise.” The event is conducted through a radio broadcast, which gives instructions on how to perform each exercise. It starts in the early morning because of the cooler weather and children show up with attendance cards ready to exercise to simple rhythms provided on the broadcast. For those not familiar with the event, the Japan Broadcasting Corporation provides televised instructions or, the official website of the Japan Post Insurance Company also provides information.

Admission is free and you can feel free to drop by anytime in the morning and enjoy an invigorating workout with the local children of the area.







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