“Uchimizu,” an environmentally friendly method for spending the hot summer more comfortably.

When you travel in Japan during the summer you’ll probably see people sprinkling water in front of their houses or see wet roads. This is what is referred to as “uchimizu” or, to sprinkle water on the streets. It’s as simple as that.
As August begins, Japan is reaching the peak of its summer. It’s so hot that just moving even a little makes sweat erupt from your body. During these hot Japanese summers, there’s an age-old ecological method for cooling the air.
The way this method works is that when water is spread on the streets during the morning and evening its evaporation steals away heat from the air making it cooler.
Because it’s done with leftover bath water or collected rainwater, it’s also environmentally friendly.
Recent summers have become especially hot and with cities increasing their use of asphalt, the streets are also incredibly hot. Because of this, the country and local regions are recommending the use of uchimizu and movements to cool entire towns with this method are happening in various locations.
In addition, if you sprinkle water on your balcony, the wind that blows into the room from the outside feels cooler. Try Japan’s traditional cooling method to spend the hot summer more comfortably.
Be cool in the hot summer with Japan’s piece of traditional wisdom, “uchimizu.”

Old street of evening / BONGURI


川越_涼021 / nakimusi


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