Be careful when feeding the deer with deer crackers!

A large number of tourists visit the city famous for its various UNESCO World Heritage Sites. However, I shall not go into that today.
Instead, today I will introduce you the deer of Nara Park.
Since the ancient times, the Nara deer have been considered to be messengers of the gods of the Kasuga Grand Shine, and therefore highly valued. The deer living at Nara Park have been designated a national treasure. Nara’s nearly 1200 deer are all wild animals that have not been tamed.
Wild deer are wary of their surroundings and do not trust humans easily. However, the deer at Nara Park are not afraid to approach humans. If you want to interact with the deer, try taking a deer cracker into your hand. You can purchase deer crackers at the park.
I suggest you buy the crackers at a store that doesn’t have many deer roaming nearby. The deer near the more crowded stores are just waiting for someone to buy them a cracker, and will immediately surround you and start poking at you. Before you know it, the deer will have stolen all your crackers. Be careful when interacting with the deer.
Once you have reached a quiet spot, try holding out deer crackers one at a time. The deer will approach you, so feed them the crackers carefully while slowly backing away.
When you run out of crackers, spread out your both hands and show them to the deer. This is to show them there is no more food left. Enjoy a special moment with the adorable deer.
However, please do keep in mind that deer are still wild animals. They may be leery of people and even attack you especially during the mating season, so be careful.

●Nara Park
5 minutes from Kintetsu Nara Station by foot
20 minutes from JR Nara Station by foot
Open: every day of the year
Entrance fee: no charge
Deer crackers: 150 yen

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