An event held only in Japan to express feelings of gratitude to our ancestors, “Equinoctial Week”

In Buddhism, the weeks in April and September when daytime and nighttime are approximately the same length are called “Equinoctial Weeks”, and it is said to be time when the connections between this world and the next world are the strongest. During the equinoctial week, it is possible to see the beautiful red flower known as the “Red Spider Lily” all over Japan.


This scene of fleeting beauty is simply magical

During the autumn equinoctial week, it is common for people to plant these flowers next to the graves of loved ones, so they have also come to be known as “corpse flowers” or “ghost flowers”, and as such, there is something ominous about seeing them bloom.
A bright red flower grows at the top of a straight stem, and there are no leaves to be seen. The leaves only appear after the flower has wilted. Furthermore, the stem can grow around 10cm in a single day, so they can reach heights of 50cm before you know it, but within a week both the flower and the stem have wilted. That element of transience adds another layer of beauty to its appeal.


The place where a million red spider lilies bloom, “Kinchakuda”

The place where you can see these red spider lilies is at Kinchakuda, Saitama.
A million red spider lilies bloom here and show a display of scenery that looks like nothing in this world. If you have the chance to visit Japan during this period, by all means come and experience the ominous beauty of the red spider lily


「Kinchakuda Red Spider Lily Park」


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