Relax at “Yufuin”, the land of hot springs engulfed by nature.

Yufuin, Oita, is a hot spring area boasting a large volume of hot spring water. So close to “Mount Yufu”, an active volcano also known as Bungo-fuji, the area is known for its beautiful scenery. From exclusive high-class inns where only a few groups can stay per day, to old-fashioned hot spring lodges and casual public baths, the area has many such buildings. You can also enjoy a walk through rich nature as well as enjoying “hot baths” in this hot spring area.


Derived from the beauty of a sunset view. At any moment, its expression can transform.

A favorite tourist spot in Yufuin, “Lake Kinrin” is a quiet lake at the foot of Mount Yufu. When Confucian Kuso Mori visited this land in the Meiji era, the setting sun lit the fish swimming in the clear water and the scales seemed to shine like gold. Hence the name, “Kinrin.” During the day, “Lake Kinrin” is praised for its calm beauty, but shows fantastic expressions at certain times.


Wake up early to see a stunning view shrouded in mist!

Look! The fantastic shadows look like a delicate painting. Hot springs gush from the bottom of Lake Kinrin where crystal streams flow from, so the water is warm even in the cold season. In the mornings of autumn to winter when the outdoor temperature is low, steam rises from the lake surface and covers the surface. The season for enjoying hot springs is coming. If you go to Yufuin, wake up early. Don’t miss the exquisite views!

Yufuin-Onsen Tourism Association


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