We are truly saddened by the unfortunate events surrounding the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake and give our utmost condolences to those affected.
Our hearts go out to everyone involved and hope for a fast recovery from the disaster.
For those who are planning to travel to Kumamoto, please take note that the mountain path leading up Mt. Aso is closed for the time being.

A Spectacle by One of the Largest and Most Magnificent Features of the Earth

Do you know Japan is one of the most active volcanic countries in the world? A volcano that has erupted in the last 10,000 years is called an active volcano. 100 or more of them are located all over Japan, which is as many as 7% of the active volcanoes on the planet.
The volcano with a strong presentation in such an active volcanic country is Mount Aso, boasting one of the world’s largest calderas. A caldera is a large depression formed by the collapse of land following an eruption, surrounded by mountains.
You can enjoy a panoramic view of Mount Aso from inside the caldera, a very rare sight in the world today. From Kusasenrigahama you can see a field and lakes with the fuming volcano in the background. The scenery is simply beautiful!



Take Off, for a Must-Do Adventure to the Crater on Mount Aso

The crater of Mount Aso is also viewable from up close. If you use a ropeway or toll road you can get very close to the crater. The smoke coming out of the mountain has a tremendous look that lets you know that the volcano is still active.
However, if volcanic activity increases, the access to the mountain will be blocked. Otherwise, the strong smell of sulfur around the crater and the dusty volcanic air can make you feel sick, so please consider your physical condition when you climb.
It’s a place to feel the power of nature and not as a sightseeing spot that is perfectly developed by humans. Being secluded yet easily accessible makes Mount Aso a great attraction.



Enjoy the Volcano’s Gift of Japanese Culture While you are in Japan

There are many hot springs in volcanic areas, including Mount Aso. Have you ever heard that we have a custom, taking therapeutic hot spring baths in Japan? Those of you, who feel a bit tired, please stop over to a hot spring and unwind while you are in Japan.
Mount Aso, where you can fully enjoy the volcanic country of Japan with beautiful sceneries, volcanic activities, and hot springs. Please check it out when you get a chance.







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