■The Japanese feel that insects, also have a “voice.”

As autumn draws near, you can start to hear all kinds of insect cries in the evenings. When the Japanese hear this, they get a feeling as if to say, “Ah, autumn has come” and “Such a refreshing, nice voice.” Japanese people find that the sounds of insects are very soothing as this custom is very unique to the Japanese culture.



■The cry of bell crickets is the background music of autumn evenings.

One of the insect voices representing autumn comes from the bell cricket.
It’s clear chirping voice gives a very refreshing feeling. Since the olden days, there has been a culture of catching bell crickets and keeping them in insect cages to enjoy their tones every evening. They are also available for sale at pet stores throughout Japan.



■The “Cicada drizzle,” the cicadas’ symphony of cries is like the falling rain.

The cicada drizzle means, “The cicadas’ crying all together, like falling rain.” It is the sound that can be enjoyed in the mountains, especially during the summer. Cicada voices are also often used during summer scenes in Japanese anime and TV shows. Just by hearing the voices of cicadas, a glaring and dazzling sun comes to mind.

■Let’s listen to the voices of the insects and experience the seasons.

If by any chance you happen to visit the “rich in nature” areas of Japan, you will surely hear many insect voices during that time. Open your ears not only to the sound of the wind and the burbling of rivers, but also to the voices of the insects. Furthermore, It might just be nice to take a walk during the autumn evenings when the weather is nice.

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