There is good place to get in touch with lovely birds

Do you have any pets? Dog? Cat? Tropical fish? Chameleon? There are so many kinds of pets. We recommend one place to those people who love birds or raptors. The place is called “Birds Café,” located in Asakusa, Tokyo. You can see and touch over 60 birds in this café… not only parakeets but also raptors, such as owls and horned owls. It is very popular now!


Meeting the raptors that make you relax

Entering the café, you are welcomed by many raptors and will be excited at the sight of the friendly owls. Feel free to ask the staff if you can gently pet them. We are sure that, after you witness the owl’s big eyes and facial expressions you will walk away from your experience with a good feeling.


Your head and shoulders will be a perch for friendly parakeets.

As you enter the room to touch the birds, you will see a lot of colorful parakeets. It is said that parakeets like humans and will usually come to you to perch on your head and shoulders. You can also feed the birds from your hand and it will give you a great happiness. The café provides free ponchos to wear for the experience. Drop by this café if you like birds or if you simply just like all animals, it makes you really relax!
Pay attention to their droppings and please listen to the instructions about this cafe carefully when you visit. Food and drink are not allowed in “Birds Café” in Asakusa, however the “Birds Café” in Kiba allows food and drink while watching the birds.





Admission Fee:
1500 yen for the first an hour
300 yen for extension per 15 minutes
1000 yen for 30 minutes of trial


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Address B1F Oyama Building 8-12-1Nishiasakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Hours 13:00~20:00 on weekdays /11:00~20:00 on weekends and holidays