“Edomae-anago (conger)” is loved by the people who were born in Edo (Tokyo)

Most Japanese would say that the answer is eel if you ask them which food is good to eat for stamina. I recommend you try the conger this season, it’s very healthy and you will like it. The conger from Tokyo Bay is called “Edomae-anago” and is more delicate and tastes pure, because the Tokyo Bay is a good environment for the conger to grow in it’s mild ocean current. The conger in October and November, during spawning season, are more delicious and softer because of fat gain. April to July is also ‘in season’ for the conger.
It is said that you will know which sushi chef is better when you eat conger in sushi restaurants because it is difficult to cook and higher technical skills are required. “Edokko,” or people who are born in Tokyo and grow up there, judge the restaurant by how well the chef cooks conger.

Let’s have “Hakari-me-Don,” a well-known product of Futtsu, Chiba prefecture.

You can eat delicious conger in Futtsu, Chiba prefecture, but the amount caught each year is decreasing and they are getting more expensive. The conger in Futtsu are the best, having soft skin and tender meat, they are popular with Sushi restaurants and exceptionally luxurious restaurants (Ryotei) in the Kanto area. The surface pattern of the conger resembles an old style Japanese ruler commonly used in fish markets (Hakari-me) and because of this, the people of Futtsu refer to the conger as “Hakari-me.”
“Hakari-me-Don,” eel cooked with a sweet and spicy soy sauce, is a special dish in Futtsu. The sauce has been used for a very long time and some of restaurants have used it for over 40 years. The conger cooked with the thick and zesty sauce and served over a bowl of steamed rice!
In Futtsu, every year the “Hakari-me Festival” is held at local restaurants that serve ”Hakari-me.” The red flag of conger flown in front of the restaurant is the sign for those who participate in the festival. Let’s try some “Hakari-me-don!”

Hakari-me Festival in Futtsu

Till November 30th
At all participating stores of the Hakari-me Festival



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