“Kanazawa Moon Viewing Light Road,” an art event in the autumn evening of Jokamachi featuring warm burning lights

2017-04-21   Festivals & Events, Ishikawa,

Making a warm town for students and residents who love Kanazawa

Ishikawa Prefecture’s Kanazawa City, with its elegant streets and lasting traditional arts and entertainment, is well known as the prominent Japanese city of culture. In Kanazawa there is a lamp art event held by students and residents who love the city called the “Kanazawa Moon Viewing Light Road,” which began in 2006.


The “Kanazawa Moon Viewing Light Road,” began thanks to the cooperation of the city’s residents and the Kanazawa Institute of Technology’s architectural students with the goal of bringing energy to the main street by lighting it up. While cooperating with the area and with the supervision of educators and researchers, students study design production and “town-making.” This project by students and residents, meant to energize the town, won the “Good Design Award,” in 2009 for their design, which enriched livelihood, industry, and the overall society. As this project continues every year, it strengthens the bonds between people in the area.


On the day of the event, residents and students dot the town with the works they have created through cooperation and study of traditional techniques, displaying a wonder and grace that can only be found in Jokamachi. You can feel the beauty of the elegant landscape. Why don’t you wrap yourself in the warm light of Kanazawa and enjoy the feel of the night air, as we get deeper into autumn. While slowly walking through Jokamachi, you will be touched by the warmth of the people who love the beauty of Kanazawa.


■Kanazawa Moon Viewing Light Road 2014
Date:October 10th(Fri)~12nd(sun)12:00~22:00
(From 18:00~ 22:00 on the 10th.)
Location: Kohrinbo Atrio Square – Ishikawa Prefecture’s Shiinoki Cultural Complex (Shiinoki green belt) – Kanazawa’s 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art (southwest lawn) – Ishiura Shrine
★HP:Moon Viewing Light Road



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