Kawagoe, a town of beautiful storehouses, holds it’s annual festival for two magical, glittery days! “Kawagoe Festival”

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The Kawagoe Festival is held on the third weekend in October each year in the city of Kawagoe, Saitama Prefecture

Known since older days as “Little Edo,” Kawagoe is a beautiful city famous for its streets of traditional storehouse style buildings. Only an hour or so by train from Tokyo, many tourists, including many foreign travelers visit the town each year. In addition, Kawagoe becomes particularly vibrant on the third weekend of October each year when the Kawagoe Festival is held.


The sound of traditional festival music, graceful dancing, and festival floats that never fail to impress!

The Kawagoe Festival grew from a parade of festival floats that was held to coincide with the regular festival at Hikawa Shrine in Kawagoe and has a history of over 360 years. The festival floats are about eight meters tall, higher than most rooftops in the area. Riding on the floats are groups of musicians playing flutes, drums, and hand bells, all together with dancers performing graceful traditional dances. No one ever fails to be impressed by the 29 floats that move throughout Kawagoe’s streets, barely being able to make their way past the eaves of the storehouse style houses.


The festival climaxes after night falls, offering many more times the beauty and fun

As night falls, paper lanterns are lit up and the festival floats become even more magically beautiful. The highlight is the “hikkawase” that unfolds at every intersection on Chuo Dori Avenue, the street of storehouses. When the festival floats approach each other, they turn their stages to face one another and a dancing competition commences. At the same time, the paper lanterns of the crowds gathered around the festival floats’ bob and dance wildly.
When I consider that such a magically beautiful festival has continued for longer than 360 years, I am filled with an indescribable feeling that transcends time.

Please take a look at a video produced by Tadaima Japan in 2013.



Held on the third Saturday and Sunday of October each year
In 2014: Saturday October 18th and Sunday October 19th

For further information, in English, Chinese (simplified and traditional) and Korean, please refer to the URL below.
Kawagoe Festival





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