Unique foods of Osaka are not only “Takoyaki” and “Okonomiyaki”…

Kushikatsu is also one of the many special foods of Osaka. It’s a prepared with pieces meat, fish, vegetables, and Japanese bread crumbs (panko) then, deep-fried and served on a skewer. It is said that one restaurant in the Shinsekai area of Osaka started serving Kushikatsu for the first time in 1930’s, but these days there are many restaurants like it all over Osaka. The meat, fish, and vegetables are cut in small pieces so, it’s easy to eat while enjoying the crunchy texture from the panko. What’s more…they are cheap!



Follow the golden rule of the Kushikatsu Restaurant; “Do not double dip!”

When I tried Kushikatsu for the first time, my friends laughed at me because I didn’t know how to eat them. I wondered why they didn’t have any taste, so my friends told me that I should have dipped them into the special sauce before eating them. I was so surprised that all the customers share the same sauce out of the same container with each other. I thought that it would be served to each person individually. As we share this sauce with others, we have to follow this golden rule in order to keep the sauce sanitary, “Do not dip the Kushikatsu that you’ve already bit into, again!” This is the most important rule you should follow while dining in Kushikatsu restaurants!



You will enjoy it more if you know how to eat it.

One thing you might ask yourself when dining at a Kushikatsu restaurant is, “Why is it served with cabbage?” Kushikatsu is usually served with larger cut pieces of cabbage that enable you to scoop more sauce if you need it. My recommendation is the tomato Kushikatsu. Crunchy breading and juicy hot tomato are a great combination! Be careful when you eat it because it’s really hot! Please try the Kushikatsu of Osaka because it has various peculiarities such as its taste, some rules and culture!




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