Let’s try Namero and conquer your dislike of raw fish!

Some people don’t like raw fish even though they like Japanese food. We have one food we want those people to try. The local food of Chiba called, “Namero.” The way to prepare it is easy. Chop or mince up some fish (ex. blueback fish or tuna) until it gets sticky. Then mix it with some spices and seasonings (ex. ginger, Miso paste, salt, onions). Adding the spices and seasonings to the fish removes the sometimes, unpleasant smell of raw fish. Unlike Sashimi or Sushi, Namero is easy to prepare to accommodate your taste and is not typical “raw fish” food. It’s easy to try even if you don’t like raw fish!

I know it’s not polite…

Namero is derived from the Japanese word “Nameru,” which means, “lick” in English. Although it depends on the situation and the country, some people think that “licking” at meals is impolite and in Japan, we also believe this.
Namero is so delicious that you can’t help licking your plate even though you know it’s impolite. You might become addicted to it if you try it.

Let’s have delicious fish in Chiba where fisheries are thriving!

The sea surrounds Chiba prefecture and fisheries are thriving. It has the best catch of sardine and sea bass in Japan. Namero appeared from these backgrounds. Some people might be surprised with it because Chiba is next to the metropolitan city of Tokyo.
There are many restaurants that serve Namero in Chiba. Namero and alcoholic beverages are the best combination and we encourage those who enjoy a drink or two to try it. We especially encourage those of you who like Japanese Sake to try it, as this combination is the best! Please don’t lick the plate at the restaurant if their Namero is extremely delicious.



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Kenichiro Asai

Kenichiro Asai


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