For the 2014 “Popular Autumn Travel” ranking, Kyushu and Shikoku were the hot travel spots chosen by Japanese!

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I want to leave right away! Where did Japanese choose as travel destinations this year?

Fall, with its beautiful autumn leaves, is a popular season for domestic sightseeing for Japanese. Domestic travel is going strong with a 14.7% increase compared to the same time last year (source: Rakuten Travel). The area ranking of booming travel destinations for Autumn 2014 has been published. Three prefectures from Kyushu and two from Shikoku were chosen for the top list.

akiryoko02Akizuki, Fukuoka Pref.

Rank    Prefecture   Last Year Comparison
Number 1  Saga      +91.3%
Number 2  Fukuoka   +76.8%
Number 3  Tokushima   +69.9%
Number 4  Niigata   +63.7%
Number 5  Nagasaki   +57.1%
Number 6  Saitama   +43.9%
Number 7  Iwate    +42.6%
Number 8  Osaka    +41.0%
Number 9  Ehime    +40.3%
Number 10 Yamagata   +37.0%

akiryoko03Oura Church, Nagasaki Pref.

Highly noted for gorgeous scenery and as a World Heritage site nominee, Kyushu is full of popular locations!

A prefecture scattered with many hot springs encompassed by nature in its ever-changing seasonality, Saga comes in at number one. Saga’s hot springs include Takeo Hot Springs, where mirage-like “reverse autumn foliage” is seen; Ureshino Hot Springs, said to be one of the three great Japanese springs for beautiful skin; and Furuyu Hot Springs, a famed hot spring much loved by artists since ancient times. At number two is Fukuoka, whose locality is the land of Kambe Kuroda, a general of the Sengoku (“Warring States”) period popular for a television drama broadcast throughout 2014. For autumn travel tours, these two are receiving a lot of publicity. Nagasaki, at number five, is home to a great number of Christian sites and churches that have gained attention as World Heritage sites nominees. These include Oura Church, constructed in 1865.

akiryoko04Iyakyo, Tokushima Pref.

Keywords for Shikoku are “Power Spot” and “Autumn Leaves”

The Shikoku area is ever popular with pilgrims who travel its eighty-eight hallowed sites of pilgrimage, now facing its 1200th year since establishment. Starting with Tsurugisan Quasi-National Park’s Kazura Bridge in Iya, popular places in Tokushima also include the Naruto Straight, one of the world’s three fastest tides also well known as a “power spot”, and Maruyama Park, famed for its autumn foliage. Aichi as well has places quite popular for their fall colors. The area around Mount Ishizuchi and the autumn leaf arch that spreads and follows along Nametoko Canyon are gathering their supporters.
Starting now, it’s time for autumn leaves! Please try these out in reference for your Japanese fall travels.

akiryoko05Mount Ishizuchi, Ehime Pref.

<Survey Outline>
This raking was calculated with data from Rakuten Travel from reservations of two or more people made on September 3, 2014 of actual total number of nights reserved by number of people and compared to the same time last year.
– Target period: October 1, 2014 (Wednesday) to November 30, 2014 (Sunday)
– Domestic Travel: Domestic accommodation, ANA Raku Pack, JAL Raku Pack

Ranking results can almost be verified from here.
「Autumn 2014 Booming Travel Destination Ranking」

akiryoko06Mount Ishizuchi Ropeway, Ehime Pref.

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