Enoshima Aquarium celebrates 10 years since it’s reopening

Enoshima Aquarium’s night aquarium is open from this summer until Sunday November 30th. This year the aquarium is celebrating the ten-year anniversary of its renewal by reopening with a special program that uses the world’s first experiential 3D projection mapping.
This extremely popular event starts at 5 p.m. and offers a different experience of the aquarium compared to a daytime visit. Come and be drawn into a strange and mysterious world where oceanic waves move in response to people’s movements.



The deep ocean world unfolds through images projected inside the water tank

“The Deep Sea Oasis,” projected in the Sagami Bay Great water tank, is the highlight of this projection-mapping event. Travel through the deep ocean world guided by a massive whale. The magical projected world matches up with the real fish swimming around inside the tank, offering visitors a totally new entertainment experience.



3D projections in the Jellyfish Fantasy Hall are a popular spot

Projection mappings also enhance the Jellyfish Fantasy Hall, where one can view as many as fifteen different kinds of jellyfish. Even in normal conditions, a jellyfish swimming and billowing in the water is a soothing sight. In collaboration with this projection mapping, these creatures create a truly artistic world.
The night aquarium presents a totally different atmosphere in the daytime and is also a great idea for an adult date.


※The program does not run every single night during the program period

TIME:17:00〜20:00 ※Only open at night
ADMISSION FEE:The event can be viewed as part of the aquarium entrance fee
ADULT 2,100yen、high-school student 1,500yen、junior high-school & elementary school 1,000yen、Pre-school children (3 years or older) 600yen




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