Come for a walk with Mame, a dog that resides in the Yanesen neighborhood in downtown Tokyo.“A regular dog on a regular walk,” part one.

2018-11-06   Visit: Charming Towns, Tokyo,

Let us show you the nature that can be found in the city through a walk with Tokyo Kitsch’s mascot, Mame.

Despite being adjacent to traffic-heavy Shinobazudori, you can oddly come in contact with a lot of nature in Mame’s neighborhood, Yanesen. One reason is because Yanesen is a temple town with many temples, shrines, and the Yanaka Cemetery, one of the larger cemeteries in Tokyo. Also, you often run into something you don’t see much of anymore, dirt ground, not only in the temple and shrine grounds, but also if you walk into little alleyways. In this Yanase neighborhood, we would love it if you’d join us on a regular, every-day kind of walk with a regular, average-Joe kind of dog and enjoy the nature that is still left in the city.

Today’s walk will be in Suwa Shrine in Nishinippori.


I’m Mame.

I’m female.
Everyone knows me as Mame, the Shiba dog; you can spot me by my lengthy body, my furrows between my brows, and my tail that has bits of black in it.

Today, I’ll be going on my regular walk.


Fujimizaka is next to a cemetery,
so gotta be careful not to go to the bathroom there.


Whoa, a strange Shiba up ahead!
It’s real!


I run up the hill in one go.


I can see Mount Fuji from the top of Fujimizaka.

Can you see it?


I’ve finally arrived at Suwa Shrine.


It looks like they’re making a really important wish.


How cute are their Sunday bests?


Sniffing the ground.


The smell of ginkgo is pretty intense,
so I’ll sniff some more.


I’m now at the Mitsumine Shrine section of the grounds.


Look, twinsies?


Time to go back.

<The places where Mame went to>


●Suwa Shrine 
Portrait of the Wind, a social-commentary movie by Taro Hyugaji used this location to film. The scene where there’s a torrential downpour, Tadanobu Asano playing the main character, and the heroine, Erika, visit’s the shrine is memorable. A shrine with beautiful, dappled sunlight situated on a hill that overlooks the JR Yamanote Line.

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