The highlight is Kasaboko-lifting, held on the 3rd night.

“Chichibu-Yo Matsuri” is a regular rite of autumn and festivals in Chichibu Shrine, a “Soja” of Chichibu. It is held from every 2nd to 3rd of December. The Chichibu Yo-Matsuri is considered one of the three biggest “Hikiyama-Matsuri Festivals” in Japan, along with the Gion Festival in Kyoto and the Takayama Festival of Hida. The festival is famous for its utterly gorgeous “Dashi” (parade floats) called “Kasaboko” and “Yatai.”
During the festival, 2 Kasaboko floats and 4 vehicles of Yatai are drawn to parade about the town. The highlight is the 3rd night when the people lift the Yatai and Kasaboko, weighing 20 tons, to the steep slope of “Dango-zaka” (leading to a temporary shrine) with the Star Mine fireworks in the background.

※Tadaima Japan filmed the “Chichibu Yo-Matsuri” in 2013. Please click the link on this page and enjoy the video.



Lets’ warm up the God’s, “one night of love” with everyone!

According to the local myth, Chichibu Yo-Matsuri is said to be the festival for mutual-loving Gods to secretly date each other. The male deity who lives in Mount Bukō and the diva, Myoken Bosatsu, who is enshrined in Chichibu Shrine are in love with each other, so they meet up once a year. In the early morning the spirit of Myoken Bosatsu marches to the meeting place, “Ohanabatake” where the spirit temporarily rests on the way to Mount Bukō. That is the background story of the festival.



Let’s feel the myth of the love story that has been handed down since ancient times in Chichibu.

In Chichibu Yo-matsuri, you can enjoy its majesty, beauty and brightness all at once. The way Kasaboko and Yatai illuminated by the light of lanterns is beautiful at its best. Courageous Dango-zaka lifting, the powerful Star mine fireworks and God’s old love story in Chichibu… it has lots to offer! On the winter night, with wrapped in a white plume of breath, why not chilling out with your lover or friends? Just remember to protect yourself against the cold as the night in Chichibu gets really cold! Enjoy!

Chichibu Yo-matsuri
Annually 2nd December and 3rd December






1-3,Banbamachi, Chichibu-city, Saitama Pref.

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