“Daimyou Clock Museum” I paid a visit to this curiously-named museum.


After penetrating through to the back of the dense forest,


I have a change of heart and turn back.


Somehow listless


With the cats of Miurasaka in the corner of my eye


I take a secret shortcut


And come off the road to take a step on real soil


Men, after all, are a broad-minded species.

●Daimyou Clock Museum
‘Daimyou clock’ is the name given to the clocks handmade by specialist clock-makers employed by the emperor Daimyou over a period of many years during the Edo era.
One of the buildings of the Daimyou Clock Museum displays potter Guro Kamiguchi’s collection of of clocks, which he has dedicated his life to bringing together.
He says that Daimyou clocks, with their special lumber quality and excellent workmanship, constitute a form of fine art which is unique in the world.

●Gyokurin Temple
There is a huge ‘sutajii’ (castanopsis sieboldii, the capital’s natural souvenir!) tree which has had a ‘shimenawa’ (Shinto traditional thick rope) tied to it and been donated to the museum. In the shrubbery surrounding the tree, an array of plants including ‘isakaki’ (eurya japonica) and ‘benishida’ (dryopteris erythrosora) grow. It is said that in this shrubbery you can see a ‘forest of shining autumnal leaves’ (extract from the pamphlet ‘Get to know the nature around your feet’.
Gyokurin Temple was opened in 1591, before the start of the Edo period and is an historical temple of the ‘Soto’ school of buddhism which has been known to be there since that time.
You can also see beautiful ‘sakura’ (cherry blossom) plants there in the spring.

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