Easy! Yummy! Fresh raw eggs are the perfect topping for white rice!

Rice is the principal food in the Japanese diet, so there are many side dishes and toppings that match it well. One of them are “raw eggs.” Add a little soy sauce to a beaten raw egg and pour it over steaming rice to experience the taste of happiness!
Many foreigners would be surprised if told to do this. It appears that it is not common to eat raw eggs overseas. Most eggs sold in the Japanese market are safe and delicious to eat raw.



So many variations! There is plenty of different flavors to enjoy.

Variations such as adding chopped green onion, mentaiko (marinated roe,) or a drop of sesame oil, are also highly popular. We especially recommend “natto” (fermented soybeans.) Those from abroad may be slightly hesitant about it, but please try it if you have the chance. The taste of natto becomes milder when topped with a raw egg.



Special soy sauce and eggs for tamago kake gohan! Raw eggs are a ryokan breakfast staple

Although tamago kake gohan was originally a simple way to top rice off, special soy sauce and eggs targeted at this specific dish have recently become available in the market. There are even restaurants specializing in tamago kake gohan!
It is not rare for raw eggs to be served with breakfast at hotels and ryokan, in which case make sure to enjoy the harmony between the fresh eggs and the steaming rice.




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