An atmospheric teahouse district that was frequented only by high-society

An atmospheric streetscape from the old days still remains in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture. Higashi-Jayagai is located in the northeastern part of the city of Kanazawa. Chayagai were streets lined with rows of teahouses that could only be visited by members of upper class society. Higashi-Jayagai, which is known for its beautiful wooden screens, stone paths, and unusually constructed teahouses covered in storm shutters, is one of Japan’s two major teahouse districts, a rank that it shares with Gion in Kyoto. Its streets beckon sightseers back to the Kanazawa of the old days, with shops where guests can rest their feet while enjoying tea or Japanese style cakes, and shops dealing in gold leaf or Kaga Yuzen dyed silk.

Visitors will also encounter many people dressed in kimono who blend into the old-style street scenes. With shops also dealing in kimono rentals, visitors can also have fun walking around the area dressed in kimono.


An area of many highlights, including traditional crafts

Kanazawa produces 98% of Japan’s gold leaf. This is a famous traditional craft. Some shops also offer an opportunity to try out gold leafing.

All over the district, you will notice corn cobs suspended from the eaves of the buildings. These are symbols of “sokusai-enmei” (living without mishap) and “shobai-hanjo” (prosperity in business). It is believed that profits will come to those who have cobs of corn blessed at a nearby temple and hang them from the eaves each year.



Although bus and taxi are just fine, we recommend seeing the sights on foot

Higashi-Jayagai has a slow and easy feel, just like the flow of the Asano River, which flanks the area on one side. The grace of olden times still remains in the streets, giving the town a relaxed mood. An excursion bus departs from JR Kanazawa Station, and the journey can also be made in five minutes by taxi. However, we still recommend taking your time and making the journey slowly, on foot.




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