The Lovely Waters and the Abundant Greenery of “Jindaiji Temple” Will Make You Forget the Hustle and Bustle of the City.

Located in Tokyo’s western suburb of Chofu, Jindaiji temple is surrounded by such abundant greenery that you cannot believe you are in Tokyo, and the stone-paved pathway to the temple, lined with traditional teahouses and soba noodle shops, will make you feel as though you are in an ancient city like Kyoto or Nara. This is a popular sightseeing spot, because while still nearby to Tokyo, you can also savor the feeling of taking a journey.
In addition, the god of this temple is famous as a matchmaker, so it is a popular locale for women and couples on dates who are seeking a good match for marriage.


Superb Soba Noodles Made From Abundant Spring Water.

In the vicinity of Jindaiji temple, there are many soba (buckwheat) noodle shops. The most essential thing for soba is pure water. The land around Jindaiji temple is blessed with plentiful natural spring water, and in fact, Jindaiji temple is named after a water god. This clear spring water is what makes the soba noodles so delicious. In olden times, the buckwheat was ground into flour using a water wheel powered by the abundant supply of water, and you can still view the water wheel or other agricultural equipment from that era at Jindaiji’s water wheel museum.
There are also many Japanese sweet shops. It is pleasant to stroll around viewing the autumn colors while carrying in one hand a freshly-baked sweet dumpling (O-dango) or a bun filled with things like red-bean paste (O-manju). There are even buns made with buckwheat, combining soba with bread for a unique item.
Popular with children, the cafe Kitaro-chaya is based on the comic book “Ge-ge-ge no Kitaro” which uses a motif of Japanese ghost stories, and sells sweets and goods in the shape of those ghostly characters.




Located in a Magnificent Botanical Garden is a World-Renowned Rose Garden.

Adjacent to Jindaiji temple is the Jindai Botanical Garden, where all varieties of plants are divided up into thirty different blocks, and where you can enjoy the plants as they change from season to season.
Best seen in this season are the approximately 270 varieties of roses in the rose garden, where you can see roses from around the world. Their faint aroma will relax your spirit.
In the middle of the broad green lawn, there grows a small tussock of pampas grass, their white feathery plumes glittering as they bathe in the sunlight. In the early afternoon, you will want to take your time and stretch out on the lawn here.

From either the Chofu train station or the Tsutsujigaoka station, it is only a fifteen minute bus ride. Even though it is close to downtown Tokyo, a visit to Jindaiji temple can make you feel like you are on a journey. Please come and take the bus ride while enjoying the sights of the town.





15-1, Jindaiji-motomachi, Cyohu-city, Tokyo

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Address 15-1, Jindaiji-motomachi, Cyohu-city, Tokyo
Access From either the Chofu train station or the Tsutsujigaoka station, it is only a fifteen minute bus ride.