Nishizawa Canyon, one of the most magnificent canyons in Japan

t is located in Yamanashi City, in the northern part of Yamanashi Prefecture, and is part of the Chichibu Tama Kai National Park.
The canyon is surrounded by mountains that rise to about 2500m, such as Mt. Senjodake and Mt. Kobushigatake, which create fresh streams that swiftly flow down into the canyon.

At Nishizawa Canyon, there are hiking routes where you can walk along the canyon.
You can enjoy the constantly changing scenery as you take in the spectacular continuous waterfalls and basins close up.
Nanatsugamagodan Falls (Nanatsugamagodan means seven craters and five waterfalls), located at the innermost part of the trails, is the highlight of the hiking routes.
As its name indicates, it consists of five waterfalls and seven waterfall basins, and the drops of these incredible and beautiful waterfalls total to 30m.
The hiking route is very easy to walk on and you can hike with casual gear because the maximum variation of height is only about 350m and the entire course takes only about three hours for a round trip.



Nishizawa Canyon During the Autumn Foliage is a Must See!

The autumn foliage at this canyon is from the middle of October to the beginning of November.
Temperate broad-leaf trees (such as maple trees) throughout the mountains and canyon change colors in unison.
The contrast between the clear blue sky and snow-covered peaks and the contrast between the mountainsides beautifully colored by the autumn leaves and the cobalt blue streams are captivating.
The beauty of the four seasons in Japan, which we want to share with future generations, is here.
We definitely would like you to enjoy the ephemeral beauty of the autumn mountains and the breathtaking canyon.



Hiking Route where a Forest Railway Remains

The first half of the hiking route is a trail where you walk along the canyons, but the return route is a slow route where you walk along the mountainside as you enjoy “shinrin-yoku”, or forest bathing.
The railway remains throughout the entire hiking route.
It is said that half a century has passed since the railway shut down, but, even before that, horses were used for carrying timber.
There are also locations called “Hikoicchan-korobashi” and “Ikkorobashi” on the way. (“Korobashi” means “to fall” or “to trip”.)
It is said that the names originate from episodes in which the timber carriers “Mr. Hikoichi” and “Mr. Ikori” made mistakes and fell (korobashi) into streams with their mine carts and got injured.
It’s fun to enjoy the walk as you imagine what happened at the canyon and how the people at the time felt.

Date Photos Taken : October 24th 2014





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Hiker / Campers

I like mountains. I like to walk in the mountains, sleep in the mountains, and to glide over snowy mountains. I’d like to introduce the incredible mountains and seasons of Japan to the world.


Address Tomikawaura, Yamanashi-city, Yamanashi Pref
Access One hour from JR Yamanashi City Station. Take the Yamanashi Municipal Bus bound for Nishizawa Canyon Entrance, and get off at the last stop.