Toba city, an oyster paradise on the way back from Ise Grand shrine


The district of Uramura in Toba city has a personal history with oysters longer than 70 years.
This area is ideal for raising oysters because of the warm seawater flowing from Ise Bay. This water is also rich in plankton and is a mixed with the nutritious river water flowing from the nearby mountains. It’s a gift of nature in Ise!  I usually drop by on my way home after visiting Ise-jingu Shrine and I definitely recommend you to do the same while the place is still a secret from foreign tourists!


The beautiful coastline with its sea spreading out in front of you will surely enliven you.

Grill your own Oysters!

There, you will find many oyster houses that offer them in a variety of ways: grilled oysters, steamed oysters, raw oysters, fried oysters, oysters on rice, and oysters in miso soup. You can casually enjoy 1 oyster or eat as many as you want* for a fixed price!  My recommendation for eating oysters here is to grill your own oysters on site. Grilling them will increase the pleasant savory taste (umami) and will bring out their simple sweetness and the plump texture Japanese people enjoy!

*Tabehodai or, “all you can eat” option is usually offered for a limited time only between November to March, costing from 2500 yen to 3000 yen.



Recommended addresses

Please note that reservation is often necessary.

Kojima suisan Kaki Yoshoku-jo (Kojima Oyster fisheries)

1524 Uramura-cho, Toba-city, Mie Pref.


Hamahide suisan (Hamahide fisheries)

1212-6 Uramura-cho, Toba-city, Mie Pref.


Maruzen suisan (Maruzen fisheries)

1229-67 Uramura-cho, Toba-city, Mie Pref.





Uramura, Toba-city, Mie Pref.

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Address Uramura, Toba-city, Mie Pref.