Give the rainwater which falls from your roof the chance to perform for you!

Have you ever seen the chain-like ornaments which can often be found hanging from the entrance way or eaves of Japanese-style buildings and inns? These are called ‘kusari doi’ in Japanese. ‘Toi’ comes from the Japanese word for ‘gutter’, the standard pipe which collects rain water that has run down from the rooftop and and leads it away into the ground in most houses.
However, some Japanese people many years ago felt that such simple gutters were meaningless, and served only a mere functional purpose. They came up with an idea for ‘directing’ the rainwater to fall more beautifully, by having it go through a kind of chain.



The many different varieties of rain chains

There are many different designs of ‘kusari doi’. Some, as the name suggests, take the form of chains, whilst others are modeled on flowers, or are bell-shaped. Depending on the shape of the rain chain, the rainwater falls in a different way. There are so many different types to see that you will never get bored of looking at them.
The reason that this idea for ‘directing’ rainwater was thought up in Japan may be just because it is a country which has such high rainfall. Fall is a also season which sees lots of rain in Japan. Why not have a go at finding a Japanese rain chain on a rainy fall day?


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