The “myriad gods,” called such because there are too many to count.

In Japan, since ancient times people have revered things of nature or natural phenomenons, calamities, ways of thinking, and many other things as gods. These are called the “myriad gods.”
For instance, there’s a god of agriculture, a god of good business, a food god, a god of easy childbirth, a water god, a sea god…
In Japan, which has distinct seasons and abundant nature, these sorts of things are revered like gods, and people began believing in the idea that there are many objects in which spirits reside.


There’s actually a god in the toilet, too.

For a familiar object, there’s actually a god in the toilet too. The toilet god is known as a beautiful goddess, and it’s said that she plays a large role in pregnancy and childbirth.
It’s said that if a pregnant woman cleans the toilet, she will give birth to beautiful children, and that if a girl cleans the toilet, she will grow up to be a beauty. This is also connected to raising kids who will clean the toilet. When welcoming guests, the toilet definitely has to be clean!
It’s said that Japan’s toilets are the cleanest in the world, but that might be because they have a god in them.




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