What is “Ishigami-san”?

There is a small town of fishermen and female divers called “Ōsatsu” in Toba city, Mie Prefecture. There is a small shrine on the approach to Shinmei Shrine known by people as Ishigami-san. The enshrined deva, “Tamayori-hime” has a 60cm long stone as a monument and through the ages, female divers in Ōsatsu have prayed for safety while diving and a good catch while fishing. This is why Ishigami-san is said to grant 1 wish for women.
Nowadays, many people are continuously coming to this Shrine from all over Japan. TV stars and athletes come here secretly and even some athletes, who had won a gold medal at the Olympic games, credit their success to their visit to Ishigami-san!


You can request only 1 wish!

When you can only have 1 wish, what would you wish for?
Some might make a wish for marrying someone, having a baby, starting a company, having good health or even losing weight.
I know it is really hard to narrow your wishes down to only 1!
As a fact, this is what is great about this Shrine! It gives you an opportunity to face yourself today and re-think what is truly necessary for the “current you.” What would you request now if you could? One of my friends made a wish to get married and it actually came true within a year!


The best charm of Ishigami-san is available!

This Ishigami-san’s charm is very popular. It has an embroidered mark of “Doman Seman” on it. The star mark is called Seman and because it can be drawn with one-stroke, women divers believe that they can return to the same spot in the sea, where they initially dove. The check pattern is called Doman, and is meant to protect against evil because it’s difficult to find the entrance and exit to the pattern. Naturally, I bought one too!

Please visit Ishigami-san in Toba city in Mie Prefecture with your precious wish.




1237, Ōsatsu, Toba city, Mie Pref.

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Address 1237, Ōsatsu, Toba city, Mie Pref.
Phone 0599-21-6660