The oldest Shrine in Japan.

Okuni-nishi-no kami is a deity of matchmaking and is enshrined at Izumo Taisha Shrine.
Its establishment is written in “Kojiki,” the oldest history book in Japan, created in 712.
The shrine is 27,000 square meters wide and comprised of a front Shrine, 8 auxiliary Shrines, 3 subordinate Shrines, a library, and Shouko-Kan, a structure that houses items considered national treasures of Japan. The main shrine was built in 1744 and measures 24 meters high. This structure has the oldest architectural style of any Shrine and was made using only natural wood. Kagura hall is located in the west part of the main hall. It has the largest sacred straw rope in Japan, measuring 13 meters long and 9m long around weighing 5 tons.



Make a wish for good matchmaking!

Izumo Taisha Shrine is most famous for its matchmaking, but it’s not all about intimate relationships. The chance of being blessed with children, money, and business is referred to as “En”(chance). All good unions are made at the Izumo Taisha Shrine. You can pray for other kinds of positive unions, so even if you’re married or indifferent to intimate relationships, you can still wish for luck here!


Learn how to pray!

Generally, the procedure for praying is bowing twice, clapping your hands twice, and then bowing once more. The official way to pray at Izumo Taisha Shrine is bowing twice, clapping your hands 4 times, and then bowing once again. After placing your monetary offering into the box, you bow twice at 90 degrees, clap your hands 4 times, make a wish while folding your hands together, and finally bowing once again. It is also important to express your wish to the God clearly.
Why not to visit Izumo Taisha Shrine and be blessed with good “En” for 2015?



195 Taishachokizukihigashi Izumo, Shimane Pref.

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Address 195 Taishachokizukihigashi Izumo, Shimane Pref
Hours 6:00~20:00
Access (By car): 15 min from San’in do- Izumo IC. Driving towards R431. 30 min from San’in do-Hikawa IC. Driving towards R9. (By train):10 min walk from Ichibata Railway Izumo-taisha station. (By bus):1 min walk from the bus stop “Izumo-taisha” departing from JR Izumo-shi station. Take a bus bound for “Izumo-taisha /Hinomisaki”