We hiked Mt. Takaosan during the winter!

Taking a train crowded with people who go to school and work, we arrived at Mt. Takaosan in just 1 hour from Shinjuku Station. Mt. Takaosan has become popular as a destination that can easily be accessed from the center of Tokyo and is an easy hike for beginners. Team Tadaima Japan went to try this hike up Mt. Takaosan on a weekday with great weather when the autumn foliage was nearing it’s end.

There are several trails leading to the top and we chose #6 along the swamp.

Off to the hike!




Great scenery was waiting for us in just one hour to the top!

The leaves had already started to fall off the trees and we trekked the path filled with them. We approached the part of the path where the incline began and noticed that it was not too steep, so we were able to keep a good pace.

We had a fun walk and talked about the waterfalls and the swamp along the way.

After a while we were getting a little exhausted, so we were able to take a break on some benches at one of the rest stops along the way.

When we saw the sign that said, “You are almost to the top,” we encountered the long staircase that looked as if it never ended.


At this point, we were complaining that it looked very difficult, but not so much as we managed to get to the top.

Waiting for us at the top was Mt. Fuji, which was very vivid on this clear winter day. It was very rare to see such a clear view of Mt.Fuji and the scenery was so beautiful that we forgot all about the strenuous hike that we had endured.


We prayed to “Tengu” and enjoyed Mt. Takao’s specialties, dumplings and soba noodles!

After taking photos at the top, we went down the mountain to find a place to eat. This time we chose trail #4. It was wider than #6 and easier to walk, so I recommend it when trekking down the mountain. We were also able to take some photos from the suspension bridge again!


We dropped by a temple called Yakuo-in Temple, where you can see “Tengu,” (long-nosed goblin) the principle guardian of Yakuo-in Temple. Tengu is said to bring you good fortune and protection from evil.


Around the temple area, there are many souvenir shops and places to eat.
Salty-sweet sesame dumplings heal your fatigue from hiking and the hot soba noodles are great for warming up.
It’s very invigorating!




Using a cable car makes it easier to get to the top!

After eating, we took a cable car the rest of the way down. If you just want a casual hike, we recommend using the cable cars and you can also walk the paved road to the top.

We heard that Mt. Takaosan is easy to hike, but it actually turned out to be a little more difficult than we had thought! We never knew that there was a place with so much natural scenery so close to Tokyo. We really enjoyed out trek and hope to try it again!



Takaomachi, Hachioji-city, Tokyo

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