The Tanzawa main ridge with its spectacular views takes you on a walk through the heavens linked to the city.

The Tanzawa main ridge is called the “Roof of Kanagawa.” It stretches from Mount San-no-to to Mount To-no-dake, and has long been loved and walked by many people.
The views from the ridge and the peak are marvellous, and one can view the holy Mount Oyama to the east, Sagami bay stretching from the Miura peninsula to the Izu peninsula to the south, the World Heritage Site of Mount Fuji to the west, and the Tanzawa range beginning with Mount Hiru-ga-take as well as the Takao and Okutama mountains to the north.
Walking on this ridge makes you feel as if you are on a walk through the heavens connected to the city, surrounding you in the new experience of a mysterious sensation.



Because access is convenient, it is easy to plan a day hiking trip!

The most popular entry point to the trail is from Yabitsu Pass, and it is possible to arrive close to the trailhead by a bus leaving from Hadano Station on the Odakyu Line. The trail from Yabitsu Pass becomes a steep incline past Mount Ni-no-to going to Mount San-no-to.


The view opens up at the summit of Mount San-no-to, and the varied sights of the main ridge trail begin here. While enjoying the sights that change as you continue, there are a few classic climbing experiences in store, such as chained paths, scree slopes, and skinny ridges.
The destination of this ridge path is the Mount To-no-dake peak, where a 360 degree panoramic view unfolds.
Many hikers take a lunch break here while enjoying the spectacular views.


The descending route is via the Okura ridge.
It is a historic ridge road with views of the Izu peninsula from the Sagami bay. The travel time for this route is about 7-8 hours, but in the wintertime the bus only runs to Minoge, which is at the base of the Yabitsu Pass, so the route should be expected to take about an hour longer, and crampons will be required as well.
There are many cabins and tea houses along the course, so there should be a good response to emergency situations, and there is no need to make toilet preparations as would be required for deep mountain hiking.


If you have time and energy remaining, make the trek to Mount Nabewari and enjoy some nabeyaki udon!

Tanzawa’s main specialty is the nabeyaki udon of Mount Nabewari. To get to Mount Nabewari, instead of descending at Okura ridge take the ridge trail further for about one hour.
The view will open up upon reaching the Nabewari summit, and there will be a cottage in the center that has nabeyaki udon.
The nabeyaki udon will warm your body and soul and instantly take away the fatigue of hiking.
(Please note: the writer of this article neglected to take photographs, having been otherwise engaged in the enjoyment of nabeyaki udon…)


Be sure to put a hiking plan form in the hiking box at the trailhead!




Hadano station,Kanagawa Pref.

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