A word about takoyaki or octopus dumplings

Takoyaki is a cuisine that is made from a flour-based batter and diced octopus, poured it into a special iron griddle with half-spherical molds, and fried. It’s a classic street food that nowadays you can eat it all over Japan, especially during festivals, but it is originally from Osaka – one could even say it is the ‘soul food’ of the city – which is why you should absolutely try them here if you can. You will find many stalls serving them in the Dotonbori area, usually with long lines of tourists waiting to try the delicacy. A better place to get your hands on these little balls of happiness is Sankaku Park.



Sankaku Park is located in Osaka’s Amerika-mura area. Its name literally means “Triangle Park” and is more commonly known as Sankaku-koen. Officially its name is “Mitsu-Park,” but nobody refers to it as that. It’s a famous meeting point because it’s located in the center of fashionable Amerika-mura, where young people hang out. You can easily get there in 5 minutes from Shinsaibashi Station.



Eat and compare!

While visiting Sankaku Park, you’ll see many takoyaki stands. The popular ones are “甲賀流”(Koga-ryu), “元祖どないや”(Ganso-donaiya), “しらんがな!!”(Shirangana!! literally, “Who cares!!”), among many others. During the weekdays, getting served is usually easy. It might take more time on weekends but it’s definitely worth the wait.



Smell the sauce and the dried skipjacks, and your stomach will soon start to growl! Don’t worry though, the crackling sound when frying takoyaki and the lively voices of the staff will drown out that growling sound.

For those who are trying takoyaki for the first time, watching the preparation is a show in itself:  you might be surprised at how quickly they are made and turned over with great dexterity!


When they’re ready it’s best to eat them on the spot. Just be careful because they’re really hot!

Another great attraction at the park is its comedic performances – Osaka is home to many famous comedians and its inhabitants are famous for their sense of humor. If you’re lucky enough, you can enjoy a show while eating delicious takoyaki.

Relax and have fun comparing the different tastes from the various vendors.







2-11-34 Nishi Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka

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Address 2-11-34 Nishi Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka