You can fully enjoy these octopus dumplings or, “Tako-yaki” in Sankaku Park!

Tako-yaki can be called the “soul food” of Osaka. It’s a cuisine that is made from a flour-based batter and diced octopus, poured it into a special iron griddle with half-spherical molds, and fried. Some of you may already know about Tako-yaki, so I would like to introduce to you Tako-yaki paradise in Osaka!


Sankaku Park located in Amerika-mura, Osaka, literally means “Triangle Park” and is more commonly known as “Sankaku-koen.” Officially its name is “Mitsu-Park,” but nobody refers to it as that. It’s a famous meeting point because it’s located in the center of fashionable Amerika-mura, where young people hang out. You can easily get there in 5 minutes from Shinsaibashi Station.


Extremely delicious Tako-yaki! It will excite your senses!

While visiting Sankaku Park, you’ll see many Tako-yaki stands and the popular ones are ”甲賀流”(Koga-ryu), “元祖どないや”(Ganso-donaiya), “しらんがな!!”(Shirangana!! literally, “Who cares!!”), and many others. During the weekdays, getting served is usually easy, but on weekends it’s often very crowded with long waiting lines. It’s definitely worth the wait though.


The aroma of the sauce, dried skipjacks, and the smoke will stimulate your appetite and your stomach will start to growl. Don’t worry though, the crackling sound when frying Tako-yaki and the lively voices of the staff will drown out that growling sound.

It’s inevitable that you’ll get even hungrier when you see the photos on the menu! For those who are trying Tako-yaki for the first time, you might be surprised at how quickly they are made and will most likely enjoy watching the process by which they are made.


You can eat more if you want?

I recommend eating them at the park because it’s best eating them outside while they’re hot. Just be careful because they’re really hot. Bringing your own drinks is also nice.

Another great attraction at the park is it’s comedic performances. If you’re lucky enough, you can enjoy the show while eating delicious Tako-yaki.

If you’re all out of Tako-yaki and want more, you can conveniently get more at the nearby stands and it’s also fun to compare the different tastes from the various vendors.





2-11-34 Nishi Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka

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Kenichiro Asai

Kenichiro Asai


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Address 2-11-34 Nishi Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka