Before we knew it, the cherry blossoms have bloomed!
We dashed out of our house as not to miss this delicate period of full bloom.


We walked down the same path as usual,


I am exploring everywhere with the tip of my nose…


We walked for an hour to reach our destination,


up to the entrance of Yanaka Cemetery.


We arrived at Tenno-ji Temple.


We prayed to the Buddha.


The fully bloomed cherry blossoms make for a perfect background!


It made me feel prettier than usual!


…but …unfortunately, the weather was cloudy.


but the sky in Yanaka Cemetery was full of cherry blossoms.

●Tenno-ji Temple 
It’s a temple of the Tendai sect. It is located at the entrance of Yanaka Cemetery which is very close from the South entrance of JR Nippori Station. Until the Meiji restoration, Tenno-ji Temple had owned most of the cemetery as well as Yushima Tenjin, “Tomikuji”(Today’s lottery booth). The lottery was allowed by the government to earn maintenance fees for the temple, meaning the Tenno-ji Temple was such a popular temple at the time. Pray to the 5-meter long Buddha sitting in the garden to feel refreshed! The Buddha was casted by Nichiryo, the last chief priest of Kanno-ji Temple, the former Tenno-ji Temple. Vaisravana, one of the seven deities of good luck is enshrined there.

7-14-8, Yanaka, Taito-ku, Tokyo

●Yanaka Cemetry
This is where a lot of famous people including the Tokugawa family rest in peace. Until 1957, there had been a Five-storied Pagoda that became a model for the Five-storied Pagoda in Rohan Koda’s novel, “The Five-storied Pagoda.” It was burned down due to the “Yanaka Five-Storied Pagoda Double-Suicide Arson Case.” However, the place is still familiarly known as a famous spot for its cherry blossoms and many people come and enjoy the area where the Five storied-Pagoda used to be.

7, Yanaka, Taito-ku, Tokyo

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