New years Eve (Omisoka) has arrived!

In Japan we call the last day of the year, December 31st, Omisoka. This day is to rid oneself of negativity and prepare for the New Year.
One end of the year custom is eating Toshikoshi Soba Noodles, commonly eaten on the last day of the year. Why, you ask?



Eat Toshikoshi Soba Noodles and free yourself from the hardships of the year!

There are several reasons.
First of all, the noodle is easy to cut, symbolizing the ability to cut off the evil and negativity of the year. Also, the noodle is long and thin, so it signifies living longer and being healthy (living ‘soba-ly’). Another reason is that the old goldsmiths used the soba flower to collect gold dust, representing good fortune. In some areas, people eat Udon noodles instead of Soba, which signifies a wish to live longer and ‘thicker’.



An easy instant cup of noodles is also popular.

Toshikoshi soba noodles are usually purchased at super markets or soba shops and eaten at home. People usually eat it as dinner on the 31st, or as midnight snack.
If you want convenience, we recommend getting the instant cup of noodles. As an extra treat, there are many kinds of tempura available at the super market and adding tempura to your instant soba noodles makes it much better.



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