The faith from the Shrine is derived from the Mountain

Akagi Shrine is located in Maebashi-city, Gunma Prefecture. It exists at the top of Mt. Akagi, which has an elevation of 1300 meters. Being surrounded by vast nature and Lake Onuma, this Shrine will heal you with its holy energy. Akagi Daimyojin is enshrined here, and along with Mt. Akagi and Lake Onuma being considered enshrinements, all three have been worshiped since ancient times.


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Pray to the Koi fish.

There is a religious tradition that involves making a wish to Koi fish (carp) and releasing them into the lake. When the wish comes true, people are obligated to dedicate more Koi fish. Because they are regarded as a sacred fish that fulfill people’s wishes, Koi fish are fed and respected by people. Visitors can also buy bait to feed them at the Shrine. No matter how exotic you think they are, do not try to catch one to take home with you because they have been objects of peoples prayers for curing disease and suffering. If a Koi fish is caught and taken, you will bear someone else’s misfortunes because the koi fish is considered a Tatari Goi or “Cursed Carp.”



This Shrine gives women hope.

It has been said that the Akagi goddess grants women’s wishes pertaining to childbirth and parenting. You can also pray to Akagi Daimyojin for safe driving, academic achievement, and a thriving business. Mt. Akagi is also suitable for hiking, especially for beginners. If the weather is good, we recommend hiking there instead of driving. Whichever way you choose, don’t miss the spectacular scenery!


4-2 Akagiyama, Fujimicho, Maebashi-city, Gunma Pref.

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Address 4-2 Akagiyama, Fujimicho, Maebashi-city, Gunma Pref