You don’t know what’s inside, but it’s also a part of fun.

As you may notice that there are full of events on New Year in Japan as we have been introduced many related articles on Tadaima Japan, it’s special time for us. “Fukubukuro” or the Lucky bags are part of its New Year events, and lots of shops sell their lucky-bags such as; groceries bags, general goods bags, clothes bags, and electricity bags. They often sell it in a limited quantity because the contents of lucky bags are usually way more expensive than the purchase price. Since you can’t see what’s inside, you can’t tell what you are going to get until opening it, but if you could get what you’ve been wanted , you are super lucky! There will be a flood of people coming to the mall to get one, and some are line in the queue over night or even for several days staying outside. People rush into the mall when it’s opened. The scenery of the New Year’s morning just looks like a shopping war.



Fukubukuro” is a fortune bag of the deity Daikokuten!

Fukubukuro refers to a bag that the deity of fortune “Daikokuten” has. Inside the bag, there are lucks and happiness in it, not the merchandises of course. It is said that Daikokuten gives you fortune from his bag.



What kind of luck bags do they have? Surprising luck bags are available!?

Fukubukuro has a wide range of variety! At the famous mall 109, each shop sell Fukubukuro,so it is not rare for girls to shop to another shop to get different kind of bags. If you didn’t like the contents inside, don’t worry. There are many girls exchanging their unwanted items into something they wanted with others who also want to exchange their stuff. In 2015, an electronics retail store “BIC CAMERA” released that they are going to sell luck bags which contains big TVs, robot vacuum cleaner, massage chair…etc. at about $ 17000. Big shopping malls such as Takashimaya and Matsuzakaya also sell Jewelry and cosmetics lucky bags. Shops will be extremely crowded with people, but how about jump into the store and get one for you?



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