“Is this noodle!?”

When I first saw this noodle, I was so surprised even I have been in Japan for 8 years!(I’m from Shanghai, China)It’s opposite to the traditional thin and long noodle, and is very wide! This is called “Himokawa Udon”, a specialty of Kiryu city, Gunma Pref. There are variety of noodles in Japan according to the history and environment in each area. If it was made of flour and has certain width and thickness, it is called Udon. The kinds of Udon is classified by a guideline “Quality Labeling Standards for instant noodles” by Japan Agricultural Standards(JAS).
・Diameter of more than 1.7mm ― Udon
・Diameter of more than 1.3mm, less than 1.7mm ―Iced noodles、thin udon
・Diameter of less than 1.3mm ―Vermicelli
・The width is more than 4.5mm, the thickness is less than 2.0mm ― Flat noodles,Kishimen, Himokawa
(※Iced noodle and Vermicelli are also kinds of Udon, but they are called and sold differently to prevent customers confusion.)

udon01 ★Udon


Gunma Pref. is one of the biggest flour producing districts, and has its old history. There are Udons which have 1.5㎝ width to more than 10㎝. The width is wide, but the thickness is about 1mm. The folded Himokawa Udon looks like a white cloth.
It is close to lasagna what you may know, but it is much thinner than that.

himokawa02【Photo by Ayano


“Gooey chewy excellent mouth feel!”

You might think it is hard to eat, but it’s actually not! The surface of Himokawa Udon is smooth and easy to swallow. There are various rumors about the origin of Himokawa Udon, but the width is made wider for busy person to eat smoothly. In addition to this, the noodle is firm and chewy even it is thin. This texture fills your stomach up. One thing different from usual noodles is that Himokawa Udon cannot be slurped.

himokawa03【Photo by Ayano


”There are variety of ways eating it!”

Himokawa Udon is originally made for winter to warm your body up, but there is another way of eating it in summer to cool your throat down with its wide noodles that efficiently suck cold soup. Himokawa Udon suits all year round! You can also try Himokawa Udonwith curry soup.



”Enjoy after visiting Tomioka Silk Mill!”

Gunma Pref. is also famous for its Tomioka Silk Mill registered as World Heritage Site in 2014. Please try to taste Himokawa Udon after visiting Tomioka Silk Mill! It is taken up by many Japanese gourmet TV programs, and highly focused by Japanese people.

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