【WINTER】Dreamy lights floating on the surface of the sea. “Kazemachi-fune” is a winter attraction in Shirahama, Izu.


A Series of lights on the silent sea are ships anchored offshore.

You can only hear the silent sounds of the waves and the waters appear very dark at night, just offshore of Shirahama, Izu. There’s an opportunity though, for you to see a beautiful dreamy night view with a series of lights being reflected onto the sea. These lights are ships anchored offshore of Shirahama and the occasion is called, “Kazemachi-fune,” literally meaning “The ship waiting for the wind.” Many cargo ships are gathered at Shimoda oki (offshore) and during that time, they wait here with their lights on.



You can only witness “Kazemachi-fune” during winter when the west wind blows

“Kazemachi-fune” is famously known as a winter attraction of Shirahama. These ships are waiting for the wind to stop, because the wind can blow up to dangerous speeds of 30 meters per second. These wonderfully lit ships on the winter sea are very mystical and beautiful.



You can also enjoy the beautiful sea of Shirahama throughout the year!

Shirahama is well known for its vast beach area and beautiful white sand. Complimenting its white sand, the sea has an emerald green color that attracts many visitors. You might imagine beach activities when you hear about white sandy beaches, but there is also special scenery that you can only see during winter. Please check it out.


2745-1 Shirahama, Shimoda city, Shizuoka Pref.

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