Where people and horses live under the same roof

Iwate, located in the Tohoku district, has always been filled with farms and has been famous for their horses since a long time ago.
These horses were often used in armies as well as for the cultivation of farms. The people of Iwate thought of these horses as precious, and would treat them as family and even keep them within eyesight by connecting their house to the stables.
This was the beginning of the magariya.
Magariya is a building constructed in an L-shape, connecting both the farm house and horse stables.


Chibaya, still standing after 200 years

Chibaya is a magariya in Tono-shi, Iwate.
It is a nationally designated Important Cultural Property. The nobility of its stone walls and its towering thatch roof makes it a sight to behold.
It is said that in the past, 25 people and 20 horses lived within this building.
There are no longer any horses but the stables are open to the public.

There is nothing else in the surrounding area.
If you wish to go somewhere to spend time at your leisure, this is the place.

Prices: 350 yen for adults, 250 yen for high school students, 100 yen for elementary and middle school students.



1-14, Ayaori-cho Kami-Ayaori, Tono-shi, Iwate Pref.

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Address 1-14, Ayaori-cho Kami-Ayaori, Tono-shi, Iwate Pref.
Hours A.M.8:30~P.M.5:00 (From December until February A.M8:30~P.M.4:00)
Access From JR Tono Station, take the Hayachine Bus Ayaori-Tatsusobe Line and get off at Chibaya. It's a 0 minute walk from there./From the Kamaishi Road Miyamori IC, take the national highway 283 and 396 (13km, 14 minutes).
Phone 0198-62-9529