Let’s take an easy walk to “Tojo-house”

The last feudal lord of Mito province, Tokugawa Akitake, built tojo-house in 1884 during the Meiji era as a second home. Matsudo city is located beside Katsushika district (Tokyo) and is an easy escape from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo. There is a large garden and a history museum near the house, so you can drop by there on your way.




Let’s go inside!

Matsudo city was originally a postal town connecting Edo (current Tokyo) with Mito prefecture and has a strong connection with Mito province. If you are lucky enough to meet up with a guide, they can tell you about each room of the house. The lord Tokugawa Akitake lived here, so it’s fun to imagine how the noble lord lived by seeing some of the house’s amenities. The older Japanese people used to be much smaller than people of today, so you’ll be surprised by the low ceilings and narrow corridors.




The well-kept garden will move you!

The scenery seen from the guest room is spectacular! You can look down on the Katsushika district, and even see Mt. Fuji if the weather is clear. Mt. Fuji is partly blocked by a large structure now, but you can still imagine how the lord enjoyed the best view of Mt. Fuji from here. What a luxury!



Free for Junior High school students and younger. /High school, University students \100 /Adults \150

(High school, University students \160 /Adults \240 for entering both of history museum and Tojo-house.)


714-1 Matsudo, Matsudo city, Chiba Pref.

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Address 714-1 Matsudo, Matsudo city, Chiba Pref
Access JR Joban line/Tokyo metro Chiyoda line 10 minutes’ walk from Matsudo station.