An alternative to sightseeing: A weekend farming experience at ”Yoshioka Farm” in Kashiwa, Chiba Prefecture.

2018-11-06   Activities, Chiba,




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Find Japan by digging deep in the ground!

What would you expect while sightseeing in Japan? Good food, beautiful nature, crazy illumination on buildings? Japan also has much more to see. For those who are already bored with sightseeing or those interested in Japanese agriculture, how about joining in on a weekend farming experience? It’s a great way to get to know some Japanese people and is convenient if you don’t have many days to commit yourself to the WWOOF organization (Willing Workers on Organic Farms).

yoshioka_05(2) *The farm owner Ryuich Yoshioka is in the middle.

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Yoshioka-san’s interesting lifestyle

The workshop I participated in was an outdoor stewed potato party that included harvesting taros and sweet potatoes and cooking them at an old Japanese house. Ryuich Yoshioka, who has just started his career as a farmer, runs the farm and also works as a fashion model and a cafe manager. It seems like all of his activities are connected, and there is no exact borderline between each job. The weekend workshop is one activity that he uses to express his experiences to the locals. I thought that, by participating in a workshop, I could hear some of his interesting stories.


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Discover new things by knowing the old lessons.

We started cooking stewed potatoes using the harvested taros and discovered that we were developing quite a rapport with each other. Nothing beats hot stewed potatoes made of freshly harvested taros,’ an experience you can’t get from a supermarket. I didn’t know if the taro’s stem (Zuiki in Japanese) is edible and this might conflict with some Japanese beliefs concerning food. “Mottai-nai” is a Japanese term that conveys a sense of regret when wasting food. This concept is derived from the Buddhist proverb, “Ichimotsu zentai,” which literally means “whole foods.” This suggests that you should eat the entire piece of food without any waste.

Yoshioka farm holds a weekend farmer’s experience bimonthly. (Please look at the website for more details). If you are a big fan of Japanese culture, please try to go and feel old Japanese wisdom through agriculture. It will bring you a lot of excitement!



375 Washinoya, Kashiwa city, Chiba Pref.

(※The farm’s address cannot be found on the Map, so please inquire details via “Contact” on the website.)

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Address 375 Washinoya, Kashiwa city, Chiba Pref.