An exotic town called “Jiyugaoka” that will make you ask: “Is this Japan?”

Get away from the typical tourists spots, and rediscover Japan.

2018-11-06   Visit: Charming Towns, Tokyo,

Tokyo, Shinjuku, Harajuku, Shibuya, and Asakusa are all popular destinations for tourists in Japan. But, do the locals really come to these areas? Today I went to Jiyugaoka, have you heard of it? This town actually ranked second in “The places I want to live in Tokyo” by Japan. So, what is the charm of this town?




As you walk the streets of Jiyugaoka, you will notice it’s filled with colorful art and that it is a very fashionable city. There are also many supermarkets, restaurants, clothing stores and home centers. It’s an easy place to live.


Could it be that this is Italy’s Venice?
No, far from it. This too is Jiyugaoka.


I was so surprised to find a town that resembled the landscapes of Europe.
But, when I looked over my shoulder…



There were old, Japanese style houses. Japanese style and foreign style mingle in this town.
If you turn a corner, buildings from other countries will probably appear before your eyes.


In a shop plastered with English, there’s a restaurant that looks like it could be on a Hawaiian beach.


There are colorful building with pink walls, like walking the streets of Mexico.


Dry wood and white wooden shops are common scenery in England.


Red lanterns line Chinatown’s landscape.



I believe that seeing buildings from many countries in one town is one of the charms of Jiyugaoka.
There are still many places I would like to introduce, but it is fun merely to stroll the streets aimlessly and look at the buildings.
By all means, please try visiting Jiyugaoka.

Useful Information
Jiyugaoka is working on a city-wide “Jiyugaoka Light Wi-fi Plan.”
Even foreigners can use this free wi-fi to search for shop information, maps, coupons, etc.



1-9-8 Jiyūgaoka Meguro, Tokyo

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Access - 8 minutes from Shibuya station. Use to Tokyu Toyoko express line.
- 17 minutes from Yokohama station. Use the Tokyo Toyoko express line.
- 52 minutes from Haneda Airport.Haneda Airport (Keikyu Airport special) → Shinagawa (JR Keihin-Tohoku line) → Oi-cho (Tokyu Oimachi express line) → Jiyugaoka.