Early-flowering Kawazu Cherry Blossoms are now in bloom in Shizuoka!

It will still be cold for some time, but already we can hardly wait for spring to come.
Many think of “cherry blossoms” when speaking of a Japanese spring. There is a cherry blossom that will be in full bloom while it’s still cold. This is the Kawazu Cherry Blossom.
Kawazu Cherry Blossoms are cherry blossoms that flower early in February. You can see them mainly in Kawazu, Shizuoka.
The most common cherry blossom in Japan is called “Somei-Yoshino”, but the Kawazu Cherry Blossom is richer in color than Somei-Yoshino, and have very colorful and beautiful flowers.
They were originally blooming quietly along the Kawazu River 60 years ago, but they were carefully nurtured and increased. Now they make a 3km long cherry blossom tunnel along Kawazu River.

5.0.2 JP 【写真提供:静岡県観光協会】


You can enjoy Kawazu Cherry Blossoms for a whole month.

The “Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival” is held now in Kawazu.
The flowers are only one-third in bloom now, but when in full bloom, it will be a major cherry blossom viewing spot attracting 1.5 million people.
We especially want you to see the field mustards in full bloom under the Kawazu Cherry Blossoms in their peak. The blue sky, the deep pink cherry blossoms, the vivid yellow field mustards and green new leaves.
The harmony of the colors are so beautiful it makes you sigh every time.
When in peak, the place is full with people during the weekends, so we recommend you go on weekdays. This year the festival is held until March 10.
Find an early spring there.

“Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival”



453h 【写真提供:静岡県観光協会】


454h 【写真提供:静岡県観光協会】



155-2 Hama, Kamogun Kawazucho, Shizuoka Pref.

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