These Japanese dolls are dressed in really beautiful Kimonos. Do you know how to put clothes on them? These are called “Kimekomi dolls,” which are dressed in Japanese costumes made from cloth with the edges neatly tucked into grooves in the wood.
Team Tadaima Japan went to experience making Kimekomi dolls to understand more about the traditional Japanese handicrafts.

Because it’s January now, I made a sheep, the zodiac sign for this year.



This sheep’s body is made of wood flour compressed with glue.
You look naked, so I’m going to give you some nice clothes!



My tools consisted of, a body, a sheet of cloth, and draft paper.
The cloth shapes are cut out with the draft paper.



Now I’m going to pad the clothes to the proper body parts.
The tools for this are only glue and an eyelet.
“How do you do it?”
“Put the glue on the cloth?” “Is this enough glue?”
As soon as I saw the lecturer’s process, all the secrets became clear.



What you need to do is to apply glue with the eyelet, putting it into the gap.
Then, insert the cloth into the gap so it holds firmly.



Here we are, he’s getting dressed!
It’s easier to attach the cloth to the larger dolls, but smaller parts such as the ears are a little more difficult.



I did it!



The lecturer is very kind and helps everyone to get good at it.
“Please help with mine too…”
“You’re alright.” “You are doing very well, so keep on going.” “It’s a simple embedding procedure, but it’ll be fun if you can keep yourself calm.”

The lecturer cheered me up by smiling.
As she had said, it was more fun after I calmed down and became patient.
I was getting used to the process and was happy to see my sheep taking form.



What do you think?
It looks cuter with the eyes and mouth.
The sheep dressed in clothes looks as if he’s alive.
The padding procedure does take a lot of time, but at the moment of completion you’ll feels so happy. If you like handicrafts, I recommend that you try making Kimekomi dolls.





There are a variety of subjects you can make.



This is Hina doll.
As a Kimekomi doll, the Hina doll is the most famous of all.
I will introduce to you the Hina doll later on because it’s a very long story…


Mataro doll Acdemy (Mataro Ningyo-gakuin or 真多呂人形学院)

Address:5-15-13 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo  (Mataro Ningyo-kaikan)


Fee:For elementary school pupils& Junior High students 2,000 yen~、Adults 3,150 yen~ (The fee differs to the kind of doll.)

Capacity:About 20

Eligible age:People who are over 10 years old

Duration:2hours(There might be cases that participants cannot complete it in a day.)

Date:Tue, Wed, Thr.

Time:10:00~12:00 OR 13:30~15:30(On Wed, 13:00~15:00)


5-15-13 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo

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Address 5-15-13 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Hours Date:Tue, Wed, Thr.Time:10:00~12:00 OR 13:30~15:30(On Wed, 13:00~15:00)