It’s made from chicken and egg; that’s why it’s called “parent and child donburi”

There are many dishes in Japan called “donburi”, or rice bowl dishes. Among them, oyakodon must be the true classic, and it is incredibly popular among Japanese people. Oyakodon is made from chicken cooked in a slightly sweet stock called “warishita,” mixed with creamy egg, and laid on top of piping hot rice. It gets your taste buds flowing just thinking about it. It can also be garnished with onion, or an aromatic vegetable called “mitsuba.” The name “oyakodon,” meaning “parent and child donburi,” comes from the mixture of chicken and egg that the dish uses.


Donburi variations: as well as “parent and child donburi,” there is “stranger donburi” too

Oyakodon is found in restaurants all across Japan, and there are even restaurants that make it with high-class meats such as free-range chicken and game fowl. To add some variety to the recipe, areas known for good seafood have even made “seafood oyakodon” from salmon sashimi and salmon roe. In addition, oyakodon is sometimes made with beef or pork instead of chicken, in which case it is called “tanindon,” or “stranger donburi.” It’s a unique name, isn’t it? If you start to feel hungry on your travels, try ordering some oyakodon. It is guaranteed to fill you up!


oyako02【Photo by Richard, enjoy my life!

“Tamahide,” the restaurant where oyakodon is said to have been invented only)


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