The shrine for romance, connecting hearts, and giving happiness…

Men and women of all ages have experienced being lovesick.
Some hope to have a happy marriage, some want to meet a nice person, and some hope to be with their lover forever. Many women come here to pray for these love-related wishes and Tokyo Daijingu has all to offer.

This Shrine is located 5 minutes by foot from Iidabashi station. People admire the Shrine just as they admire Tokyo’s Ise-jingu Shrine, which enshrines Zoka-sanshin, the three gods of creation. There are rumors among young women that you will find a boyfriend or get married if you come here and pray, so it is very crowded here even on weekdays.




Try to pray in a traditional manner from the heart!

The manner of praying is a form of showing appreciation to a God.
Let’s learn how to properly pray.

◇At the entrance, “Torii”(鳥居).
First, you need to dress neatly and enter the entrance after bowing once.

◇At “Chozu”(手水), the purification fountain.
The purified water is said to cleanse you from evil, so please wash your hands here before praying. Don’t forget to rinse your mouth too.

◇At the approach (参道)
The approach to the main shrine is called “Sando”(参道), the middle of Sando is where the God passes. Please respect the God and try not to walk in the middle of the approach.

After dedicating money, please correct your body posture and calm yourself down.
Bowing twice and then clapping twice is the first procedure when praying.
If you pray from your heart, you will feel more connected to god.





It’s creepy because it’s so accurate! “Koi mikuji” (恋みくじ), a love fortune.

After praying, you can buy a love fortune and good luck charm. Feel free to relax in the shrine. By the way, “Koi mikuji”(恋みくじ) at Tokyo Daijingu is famous for its accuracy!
I got “Kichi”(吉), or good luck, and recently experienced some ironic incidents surrounding my kichi. Does god knows everything? There are also English fortunes and blood type fortunes available. It’s fun to choose from the various types of fortune telling.

Lastly, please do not forget to make a greeting to god when leaving the shrine. Let’s bow again at the entrance toward the main shrine. May your wishes come true for romance!


2-4-1 Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

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Address 2-4-1 Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Access 5 minutes by foot from Iidabashi station