A hot spring in the mountain valley where a legend from 800 years ago still leaves its trace.

Yunishigawa Onsen, a little known hot spring with a long history in Tochigi Prefecture is located near Nikko, a famous sightseeing area. Over 800 years ago, the Taira Family (heike) was very prosperous in Japan, but eventually vanished because they lost a big war in Yamaguchi Prefecture. The survivors fled Yamaguchi Prefecture to various locations all over Japan. Yunishigawa Onsen is one of these locations. This story is called “Heike no ochudo densetsu” (平家の落人伝説) or Fleeing Heike Legend. There’s a local museum and old temples that attract many tourists.



The dreamy light embraces you even in the cold winter night

At the Yunisgigawa Onsen, they hold Kamakura Matsuri (かまくら祭り), or “Snow Hut Festival” every year. Look at this dreamy scenery.
Inside the 40cm tall Kamakura, there are candles set in glasses.
At the main site, “Sawaguchi Kasenjiki”(沢口河川敷), there are 1000 candles, and at the “Heike Syuraku” site (平家集落会場), there are 200 of candles lined up neatly which create the visionary atmosphere. Mini-Kamakura illuminations are held between 17:30~21:00.
It is closed on Thursday.



There are many events going on! I recommend the footbath!

What is this Kamakura? It looks like an entrance to an Onsen. Once you enter, there’s a footbath! It works best for warming up your cold feet! It’s connected to the next hut, so you can enjoy it with your lover or friend. The vending machines in this Kamakura are also popular among tourists. The Kamakura BBQ is one of the most popular activities in that you can have a BBQ right inside the hut! You need a reservation via phone in advance, but please know that you need to book it in Japanese.

Spring is gradually coming in Japan, yet it’s still mid-winter in the snowy region. I hope you can enjoy this season.



■Yunishigawa Onsen Kamakura Festival
Until Sunday, 8th March
Time: 9:00~21:00
Mini Kamakura illumination: 17:30~21:00

【Kamakura BBQ】
Operation hours: 11:00~15:00
Reception: 10:00~15:00
Phone: 0288-98-7005
Cost: “Kamakura for BBQ” 1000 yen per hut +”Foods for BBQ” 1500 yen per person.(※minimum 2 people )
Duration: 50 minutes.

30 minutes by Nikko Kotsu buss bound for Yunishigawa Onsen.
The bus takes off from Yagan railway Yunishigawa Onsen station.

15 minutes by foot from the bus stop “Honke Bankyu Ryokan mae”(本家伴久旅館前)



Yunishigawa Onsen Nikko city, Tochigi Pref.

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