Feel Japan’s Taisho period (1912-1926) through the retro interior at the organic café, “Café COB” in Mie Prefecture! It’s a 3 min walk from Yunoyama Onsen station.

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”Café COB” is an oasis for local people in Komonocho town, Mie Prefecture.

This pretty looking café is located in Komonocho town, Mie Prefecture and can be accessed by a 3 min walk from the Kintetsu line at Yunoyama Onsen station. It has a retro atmosphere that simulates the taste of the Taisho period (1912-1926) and is loved by the local people. It looks like a lodge somewhere in suburban America, but it somehow reminds me of my childhood even though I was born in Japan. Recently, a large resort complex called “AQUA IGNIS” opened, so “Café COB” has many everyday customers from the resort, especially on weekends. I’d like to introduce this nice little café to you!



Carefully selected interiors and a space to chill out.

Once you enter you’ll be enchanted by the retro interior and cute retro furniture! Natural sunlight shines in through the windows and fills the cafe with a warm atmosphere. The day I visited, they had a sales exhibition for “Manu Mobiles,” which are made out of only paper and string. These regular collaborations and events are part of COB’s appeal. You can experience other pleasantries as well as just having tea here. There are also many comic books and picture books available to read at your own pace.



”I want more people to enjoy our café, not just vegetarians.”

What’s so special about COB’s menu is that all the menu items do not contain any animal products like dairy or eggs. These organic vegetarian foods are naturally good for your health and so tasty because of their fresh and seasonal ingredients! However, the owner Mr.Kondo doesn’t sell COB as a “Vegetarian Café,” so that more people will come and enjoy. He says, “The idea at Café COB is to be happy, or ‘yorokobu’ in Japanese and ‘clay wall’ in English.” “I hope this place is especially comfortable for customers with children.” “About vegetarianism, I don’t want to push the idea, so I hope they gradually become interested in it and get to know what it is.”
In fact, there are many customers with kids in the shop. Kids are reading picture books and playing freely with toys. It’s really hard to find such a spacious café where you can relax as much as you want without distractions.



The organic menu that satisfies your stomach!

This time, I ordered the “Vegetarian plate,” the fair trade coffee, “Peace coffee,” and the “Cheese flavored tofu cake,” containing no dairy products. The main dish was deep fried lotus root and Kuruma-bu, a kind of gluten cake. It was so juicy and savory that it seemed to taste better than animal meat. There are not many dairy-free cakes out there, so I was very happy to have one here. The tofu crème on top is so delicious and is a ‘must try’. The organic coffee used here is called “Peace Coffee,” which is one product from the International cooperation NGO, where Mr. Kondo used to work. It tasted so clear and went so well with the cake. Café COB has its own taste and has a lot to offer! I recommend that you visit to relax and take some time to get to know a world you might not know about.

Café COB (カフェコブ)
Lunch is available. The shop is open until 22:00(※Last order/Weekday=17:00, Fri, Sat, Sun, National Holiday=21:00)



8474-20 Komono, Komono-chō, Mie-gun, Mie-ken

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Address 8474-20 Komono, Komono-chō, Mie-gun, Mie-ken
Hours [Tue-Thr, Sun]11:30~18:00 [Fri, Sat, National Holiday]11:30~22:00
Access 3 min walk from the Kintetsu line at Yunoyama Onsen station